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Rope Diameter
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1/2in 5/8in
Rope Color
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White White Poly Dacron Black Black Poly Dacron Tan Tan Poly Dacron Red Blue
Net Size
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10' W x 10' L 10' W x 15' L 10' W x 20 L 15' W x 15' L 20' W x 20' L
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Our Fall Protection Nets feature the strength of a cargo climbing net and smaller mesh openings for more support and safety.  FPN nets have lower stretch than PSN nets and have more attachment versatility along the strong rope borders.  3-strand twisted poly Dacron rope has excellent UV, moisture and abrasion resistance.  Also a good choice for use as horizontal climbing nets.

By adding an additional layer of 2″ square mesh knotted nylon netting over the top of your Fall Protection Net, you can add a softer landing surface and fill the larger spaces.  These nets can be ordered seperately and ‘zip-tied’ to the border of your FPN net.  Quick links can also be added to the perimeter of the FPN nets every 2 feet to 4 feet O.C. for attachment to cable, metal eyes or other nets.  See our Bedding/Resting Nets to learn more!

All nets are custom made and non-returnable.  Jammar can custom make any size net you need, sizing is for pricing purposes only.

  • Premium 3-strand twisted poly Dacron rope
  • 4″ x 4″ mesh, triple weave non-slip intersections
  • Available in 1/2″ or 5/8″ diameter rope
  • Larger diameter rope border for added strength
  • Hardware can be added at strategic attachment points
  • Superior performance and exceptional service life
Important Note:  6″ sq mesh nets and nets between 4″ & 9″ sq mesh require the extra netting because of “head entrapment regulations”).
About Jammar’s Climbing Nets:

Jammar can fabricate a cargo net to fit any structurally safe play structure or specially designed framework. For best results measure inside dimensions of framework width and height and deduct 1 foot from each dimension. This leaves 6” on each side for attachment and to keep net off ground. Sizes are approximate and may stretch when weight is applied. When ordering specify net type, mesh size, rope diameter, border option, and size. Climbing nets are easy to install and are long lasting when attached with smooth, nonabrasive hardware and properly installed and maintained.

All nets comply with National Playground Safety Standards for mesh size and locking mesh junctions. Special consideration must be given to safe heights, safe use and the management of a soft surface under climbing equipment. Do not jump or drop off any net. Safe play area required. Suggested installation and use instructions sent with each order.

Sizes are approximate and custom-made nets are nonreturnable. Wide variety of styles and shapes available.

Fall Protection Nets

Product NoMesh SizeMesh
Rope Dia
Rope Dia
Tensile Strengths
FPOC-4-1/24in1/2in5/8in8,000 LBS
FPOC-4-5/84in5/8in3/4in10,800 LBS
FPOC-6-1/26in1/2in5/8in8,000 LBS
FPOC-6-5/86in5/8in3/4in10,800 LBS
FPOC-6-3/46in3/4in1in16,500 LBS
FPOC-9-1/29in1/2in5/8in8,000 LBS
FPOC-9-5/89in5/8in3/4in10,800 LBS
FPOC-9-3/49in3/4in1in16,500 LBS

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Net Size

10' W x 10' L, 10' W x 15' L, 10' W x 20 L, 15' W x 15' L, 20' W x 20' L

Rope Diameter

1/2in, 5/8in, 3/4in

Rope Color

White, Black, Tan, Red, Blue

Net Mesh | Fall


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