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General Safety Guidelines

  • Top of net is weight bearing part of net.
  • Secure to framework which will exceed any weight placed on net.
  • Avoid any rubbing of rope on abrasive surfaces which will prematurely damage net.
  • Contact experienced contractor/installer for installation.
  • Do not locate over or near dangerous surfaces.
  • Maintain soft surfaces under nets at all times.
  • Never jump off net when dismounting.
  • Angled nets provide safer climbing (keeps net under climbers bodies).
  • Any climbing equipment that involves height can result in an injury or even death from a fall. Supervision and spot.
  • Check and maintain equipment – replace when compromised.
  • Heights over 8 feet require additional safety measures including possible belaying.
  • Jammar is not responsible for installation, use and maintenance of nets, ropes and all equipment.

Indoor Cargo Net Instructions for use

Size, Care and Location of Nets
Hanging Materials for Indoor Cargo Nets
Climbing Rope Spotting Illustration
Climbing Net Spotting Illustration