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About Jammar Manufacturing

Our Story:

Since 1981 we have been a family owned and operated business, fabricating quality rope products particularly specializing in handcrafted cargo climbing nets and climbing ropes.  In the 80’s we immediately started selling to all of the nation’s school dealers and have provided thousands of physical education and recreation programs with equipment promoting fitness and challenging climbing experiences.

Our product line has broadened over the years, keeping up with the forever changing industry and the innovative concepts and ideas that you, the customer, have brought to the forefront. We continue to service all of the top physical education dealers but with our superior quality of products and customer service we are proud to work with our military, CrossFits/exercise programs, and all the many mud runs and obstacle course races that have revolutionized the way we stay physically fit and have fun at the same time.

Our next generation is already involved with the business and will continue our tradition of high quality products, fast customer service, and great prices.

Our Mission:

First and foremost we are extremely proud to be a manufacturer here in the USA and not having any of our finished goods outsourced to other countries.  Our priority is quality and service backed by our experience in assisting our many customers in choosing the best product for their program and facility.  Our product line has broadened over the years to include many highly demanded physical education products and professional level climbing and rope products, and we also stress safety and responsible use of all of our products, and provide advice on installation and the best product for your needs.

We have established a product line that meets the needs of our physical education programs, strength and conditioning training, and obstacle course training and events but we can always fabricate rope products not offered in our catalog.  You have an idea we’d love to hear it and work with you to fabricate something that fits your need.  Jammar Manufacturing can fabricate adventure rope courses, theme park nets, theatre nets and shapes, safety nets and specialty nets for marine and industry.

As a service to our customers and potential customers our web site features information on choosing, installing and servicing our indoor cargo climbing nets and gymnasium climbing ropes. We want you to remember us the next time you need to purchase a climbing rope or net.

Schools | Physical Education | Recreation Programs

For the past 35 years we have provided thousands of physical education and recreation programs with equipment promoting fitness and challenging climbing experiences. From climbing to tug of war ropes, our product line has broadened over the years to include many highly demanded physical education products.

Military | Armed Forces | Obstacle Course Training

Because of the highest quality of product and competitive prices Jammar provides, our military has continued to come back to us for all of their obstacle course and basic training rope products. We have always been honored to supply our men and women in our armed services with what they need to succeed in defending our freedom. From Camp Pendleton to Fort Bragg and to all of our bases overseas, we will continue to strive to meet their expectations and grow with their demands.

Obstacle Course Races | Mud Run Events

Within the last 15 years, the obstacle course and mud run events has grown rapidly fast.  Whether it is the big national traveling events or a community’s smaller fundraising event, Jammar has supplied all of these with the proper rope equipment that they need.  We have a large product line to service this industry, from Warrior Dash to Tough Mudder, we have supplied them all with cargo climbing nets, climbing ropes, crawl-under nets as well as traverse ropes and nets.  Have a great idea not yet seen?  Please let us know and we will work with you to make your unique obstacle become a reality.

Make sure you check out our event pages below to see obstacles and events Jammar has already done.  Could also help in deciding what you can do at your own event.  Also feel free to click the event logos to the right and go directly to that events homepage.

Movies | Television

Even though most of our business comes from our military and schools, it is always very cool to fabricate something for the big screen and television.  From our first splash into Hollywood with our cargo climbing nets featured in the original American Gladiators, we’ve continued to supply the competition shows including MTV’s Road Rules/Real World Challenge, Fear Factor, Dancing With The Stars and the very popular American Ninja Warrior.  Whether they were featured or simply background props, Jammar has also had products in places like The Americans, Army Wives, Daddy’s Home, and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And commercials for Under Armour, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohls, as well as Reebok and Nike.

Some quick logos of shows and movies we have done are to the right, but check out our project pages below and watch our stuff in action.