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Indoor Cargo Climbing Nets

Indoor cargo nets are designed to provide and improve climbing ability combining many strength, movement, spatial and coordination skills. They are specifically fabricated to hang as described in the instructions and used in a physical education atmosphere requiring supervision, spotting and mats etc., the same as in any gymnastic or equipment utilizing program. Modification and/or use other than intended and/or alternative installation is not recommended.


Nets are offered in 10′, 12′, 14′ and 18′ heights and different widths. Custom sizes are also available. Choose the net which best fits your activity area and ceiling height. Most nets are tied to a suspended pipe. The higher the net the closer to the ceiling your suspended pipe for tying the net will be. Remember cargo net climbing is a supervised activity which means that you control the height which your students ascend based on age and ability via verbal instructions or visual markers.


Climbing nets are extremely durable and will give years of rugged use. It is important, however, not to drag nets on floor or around corners, etc. which may snag individual rope fibers ( particularly the CN nets). Nets are handmade and each individually inspected. If you notice any small individual fibers or if a strand pull does occur simply open rope jacket and work stand back into middle of rope. Small fibers can simply be trimmed with scissors. Nets are relatively speaking inexpensive and at signs of wear downgrade and/or replace.


Nets must be hung from structurally safe framework which will exceed any load placed on the net. Most beam and ceiling framework in institutional buildings will meet this criteria, however, always confirm this with your building plans and/or building engineer. You will want to raise your net up out of the reach or path of other students or activities when net is not in use so select an area accordingly. Also locate net no further than your net height size away from a wall. This allows a pulley installed up on the wall to pull net up and over thus out of the way. Do not place net too close to wall where objects on wall can interfere or injure a climber. Also, do not climb side of net near wall if it is too close to supervise and spot easily. You will need at least five (5) ceiling attachments for a suspended pipe style net installation. This spreads the weight and keeps pipe from bowing. CN and HD nets are intended for indoor use and should not be used outdoors.