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Hanging Materials for Indoor Cargo Climbing Nets

Climbing nets can be installed as shown in illustration 1 & illustration 2 or hung from any structurally safe existing framework. The typical pipe installation must be supported by cable or other hanging devices which are strong enough to exceed the maximum load applied to the net at any given time. Installation must be made around or to smooth surfaces to eliminate excessive wear at connecting points

If pursuing the typical pipe installation and after you have met the before mentioned criteria and selected your net, you will need the following materials to fabricate and attach the suspended pipe assembly. ( Because there are so many different ceiling heights, ceiling frameworks, etc., exact hanging hardware must be determined on site. Hardware is available from your dealer or directly from JAMMAR. Pipe can be procured at electrical, plumbing or fence supply houses.

a) 5* or more beam attachments- This must be determined by purchaser and installer in accordance to your ceiling structure type. Permanent forged eyebolts do nicely as do beam clamps for steel structures. Wood or concrete framework require more specific attachment hardware. Consult experienced installation engineer.
b) 1 length of steel pipe- minimum 1 1/2″ steel pipe ( 1.900 O.D. .145 wall thickness) – 2 feet longer than net width. Larger diameter and thicker walled pipe can also be used. Must be purchased locally.
c) 5* forged eyebolts for attachment hardware on pipe
d) 2 eyebolts for end of pipe “tie down”
e) 5* lengths of chain or cable for connection of ceiling hardware to pipe hardware ( lengths determined by ceiling height less net height)
f) 10* links connecting chain or cable to ceiling and pipe hardware

* number based on suggested amount for 10′, 12′, and 14′ wide nets- more supports can be added to these nets if desired and more supports are recommended for larger width nets.

Hanging Methods for CN Series and HD Series Cargo Nets


a. Install 5(min) evenly spaced eyebolts on pipe facing up (install outside eyebolts 1 foot in on each end.

b. Install 2 (tie down) eyebolts on each end facing down.


duplicate spacing of eyebolts on pipe to that of the selected ceiling framework and install ceiling hardware attachments on ceiling framework.


If you are installing an HD Series Cargo Net with eyeloops on top of net, attach net at this point by sliding pipe through 4 inch ID eyeloops evenly and tie down top corners. If you are hanging a CN series net you can tie net on at this step or wait until pipe is hung as shown in illustration #1 and described in STEP 5


Connect pipe to ceiling via chain or cable. This can be done several different ways:

I. Chain

A. Determine chain length and attach chain to ceiling hardware via links. Bring pipe up to chain and attach via links. Count chain links to ensure correct and equal lengths. You can adjust height after net is attached by same link counting method.

B. Attach chain to pipe via links and bring chain with pipe attached up to ceiling hardware and connect via links.

II. Cable

A. Using 1/4″ ( minimum) flexible cable determine length needed and have an eyeloop on the 5 (minimum) cables swaged or spliced on each end. Attach cable to ceiling hardware via links. Bring pipe up to cable and attach via links. Or use alternative method of attaching pipe first and ceiling hardware last.

B. Using 1/4″ flexible cable, splice cable directly onto ceiling and pipe eyebolts using 1/4″ wire rope clamps. NOTE: you will need extra ( at least 18″) cable on each end to make the eyeloop attachment and connection.

III Other Methods

Nets have been installed using other methods when normal hanging wasn’t practical or other methods were designed. Be certain to tie or attach nets to smooth hardware and/or surfaces and inspect these areas routinely. Again, consult an experienced installation engineer.

NOTE: All hardware and hanging devices should exceed all loads put on them 2000 pound capacity hardware minimum. Inspections should be made to any and all equipment. If draping chain or cable over open trusses be sure to rub areas and specify flexible (no crimp) cable. A cargo net is a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment and generates countless movement challenges. Be sure to inspect routinely and replace periodically.


If installing a CN series cargo net, tie net to pipe as illustrated. Net should touch or drape on floor. Net should drape on mats when placed under net and climbing area.


allows for at least a 5:1 safety ratio

300 pound per climber

1000 pound per net- proper spotting and supervision for each climber


Remember to always use appropriate mats under and around all climbing equipment.