Wood Beam Hanger | A-1


  • Mounts to bottom corner of structurally safe wood beams
  • Best used with beams 4″ wide
  • Features horizontal stabilizer
  • Attachment hardware not included


The Wood Beam Hanger (A-1) is a heavy duty steel bracket primarily used to hang individual climbing rope from wood beam structure. Each hanger is constructed of 1/2″ steel plates with a 1/4″ steel gusset stiffener. Hanger is supplied with a durable black finish. Hanger is intended for square wood beams 4″ wide. All anchors are supplied by others.

These hangers are specifically designed to mount to horizontal beams and withstand vertical loading. These hangers are not intended for angled / sloped beams or with any equipment involving swinging. Please refer to the specific equipment installation instructions for the recommended number of hangers for each specific piece of Jammar equipment.

Climbing ropes and nets must be hung from structurally adequate structure which will exceed any load placed on the equipment. Most beams and ceiling framework in institutional buildings will meet this criteria, however, always confirm this with you architect, building plans, and / or structural engineering. Jammar is not responsible for the structural adequacy of the building structure.

Please note, this hanger is not considered a permanent fixture and requires periodic inspection to ensure top performance. Safe working load rating for the A-1 wood beam hanger is 1000 lbs.

  • Heavy duty steel L fitting bolts onto wood beam from side and bottom dimensions
  • Mounts to bottom corner of structurally safe wood beams
  • Best used with beams 4″ wide and at least one of the two mounting holes thru bolted
  • Features horizontal stabilizer
  • Hardware ratings must exceed any weight or force applied to hanger
  • Attachment hardware not included
Indoor nets are supplied with general installation instructions, care and use documentation. Any and all climbing activities require proper mats, spotting and supervision when using. Specific soft landing surfaces and supervision required and possible belaying for climbing heights over 8 feet. Mats are probably the single most important ingredient to any activity using equipment to prevent serious injuries when accidents may occur. Having several thick landing mats placed around nets will make instruction much easier and more innovative. These mats are versatile and can be used in many capacities.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 in

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