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The Wall Mounted Hanging Bars (WHB) Series is a simple method for attaching climbing ropes, ladders, or cargo nets for younger, beginner level climbers. The WHB series mounts directly to a structural wall with a recommended attachment height of 8′ above the finished floor. The hanging bar assembly attaches to a structural wall utilizing 3/8″ thick heavy duty welded brackets. For ease of installation, it is recommended to mount the hanging bar using 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 wood stingers. This will allow the easiest installation, help distribute the loading, and allow flexibility to the installer to locate the wall anchors in the preferred locations. Wood stingers and mounting hardware is supplied by others. Otherwise, if desired, each bracket can also be attached to the wall independently with three anchors, specified and supplied by others. The support bar is constructed of 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ 11 gauge steel and is thru-bolted to the wall brackets using 1/2″ Grade 8 hardware.

The WHB Series is offered in four standard widths of 4′, 8′, 10′ or 12′ to completely customize your desired set-up. Style and number of accessories per hanging bar assembly is determined by the customer. Allow for 18-24″ minimum spacing from accessory to accessory. Climbing cargo nets can be oriented vertically or at an angle. Angled cargo nets are custom and require floor anchors. Custom support bars and custom accessories available upon request. Standard accessories sold separately.

  • Same as the CNHH-1 except it substitutes a one piece, preassembled bar specific to 10′, 12′ or 14′ size net
  • Assembly able to suspend up to 10′ from ceiling beam
  • Please specify beam to floor measurement & width of net when ordering
  • Include any special requirements
  • Ships truck only
Wall Hanging Bar Product Specifications | WHB Series
Hanging Bar Options
WHB-44' 6" Bar w/ 2 Wall Brackets
WHB-88' 6" Bar w/ 3 Wall Brackets
WHB-1212' 6" Bar w/ 4 Wall Brackets
Climbing Net Options
ItemMesh SizeNet Size
WPP9-3/4-4X89"4' W x 8' H
WPP9-3/4-8X89"8' W x 8' H
WPP9-3/4-10X89"10' W x 8' H
WPP9-3/4-12X89"12' W x 8' H
Climbing Rope Options
ItemRope Size
Rope MaterialDescription
WCF2-100-M-81"Manila8' x 1" Manila Rope
WCF2-100-W-81"Poly Dacron8' x 1" Poly Dacron Rope
WCF2-125-M-81.25"Manila8' x 1.25" Manila Rope
WCF2-125-W-81.25"Poly Dacron8' x 1.25" Poly Dacron
Rope Ladder Options
WRL12-812"8' Long, All-Purpose Rope Ladder
Indoor nets are supplied with general installation instructions, care and use documentation. Any and all climbing activities require proper mats, spotting and supervision when using. Specific soft landing surfaces and supervision required and possible belaying for climbing heights over 8 feet. Mats are probably the single most important ingredient to any activity using equipment to prevent serious injuries when accidents may occur. Having several thick landing mats placed around nets will make instruction much easier and more innovative. These mats are versatile and can be used in many capacities.
Wall Hanging Bar Product Specifications | WHB Series
Wall Hanging Bar Product Specifications | WHB Series

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Wall Mounted Hanging Bar

10ft Bar | 4 Brackets, 12ft Bar | 4 Brackets, 4ft Bar | 2 Brackets, 8ft Bar | 3 Brackets

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10' W x 8' H, 12' W x 8' H, 4' W x 8' H, 8' W x 8' H, No Climbing Net

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1.25" Manila Rope | 8' Long, 1.25" Poly Dacron | 8' Long, 1" Manila Rope | 8' Long, 1" Poly Dacron | 8' Long, No Climbing Rope

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All-Purpose Rope Ladder | 8' Long, No Rope Ladder