Stirrup Rope Ladder | SL-12


  • Spliced on rope stirrup steps every 12”
  • Single galvanized metal thimble eye on the top for attachment
  • Single spliced rope eye on the bottom for anchoring
  • Very challenging rope ladder


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Very challenging rope ladders constructed using 3/4″ diameter premium poly Dacron rope (Multiline II) with spliced on rope stirrup steps every 12”. A single galvanized metal thimble eye the top for attachment and spliced rope eye on the bottom for anchoring. Metal thimble top can be removed for a metal-free ladder.

  • Spliced on rope stirrup steps every 12″
  • Single galvanized metal eye thimble spliced on the top for attachment
  • Single spliced rope eye on bottom for anchoring
  • Very challenging rope ladder

Recommended Safe Working Load (SWL):

250 lbs per step  |  1000 lbs per ladder


About Jammar Rope Ladders:

Jammar fabricates several styles of rope ladders.  We use a premium poly Dacron rope selected for its hard lay twist and superior strength and weather resistance.  We also use domestic 1-1/4″ hickory hardwood dowels.  Dowels are lashed only using a waxed nylon twine.  Safe working load should be considered 250 lbs with the exception of the firecracker ladder which is 200 lbs SWL.  Up to 8 foot ladders are priced at the 8 foot charge and please add the appropriate ‘per foot’ charge for ladders over 8 feet.  Sizes are approximate.

Product NoProduct NameDescriptionWidthSpacingSWL
RLS-1812Step Style Rope Ladder1.25" dia x 15in hardwood dowels18in12in250 LBS
RL-1512Multi-Purpose Rope Ladder2.25" dia x 18in white oak slats15in12in250 LBS
RLEC-1212Economy Rope Ladder1.25" dia x 12in PVC or hardwood dowels12in12in250 LBS
RCL-918Rope Course Ladder1.25" dia x 12in hardwood dowels12in18in200 LBS
FL-1218Firecracker Ladder1.25" dia x 12in PVC dowels, 1/2" dia ropeNA12in250 LBS
SL-12Stirrup Rope Ladder3/4" dia rope stirrup steps12in12in200 LBS

Rope ladders are supplied with general installation instructions, care and use documentation. Ladders intended for vertical ascent and descent. Use other than intended may be hazardous and is prohibited. Any and all climbing activities require proper mats, spotting and supervision when using. Specific soft landing surfaces and supervision required and possible belaying for climbing heights over 8 feet. Mats are probably the single most important ingredient to any activity using equipment to prevent serious injuries when accidents may occur. Having several thick landing mats placed around nets will make instruction much easier and more innovative. These mats are versatile and can be used in many capacities.

Sizes are for pricing purposes only and all ladders are custom made and non returnable. Custom sizes available.

For further information regarding Jammar equipment and products please contact your dealer or call us at 1-860-451-8163

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8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 16 feet

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