Crawl Climber | CC-48


  • Heavy duty indoor / outdoor horizontal frame and net
  • Frame is constructed of 1in galvanized pipe with forged steel fittings
  • Net is handcrafted 4in square mesh, 1/2in white soft poly Dacron rope
  • Approximately 4ft x 8ft net climbing area
  • Intended for kindergarten aged children and adaptive PE applications


The Crawl Climber (CC-48) is a heavy duty indoor / outdoor horizontal frame and net for kindergarten aged children and adaptive PE applications. The frame is constructed of 1″ galvanized pipe with forged steel fittings and is quick and easy to set up and disassemble. Each leg includes rubber feet for floor protection. The net is handcrafted into a 4″ square mesh using a 1/2″ white soft poly Dacron rope. The net provides a 48″ x 96″ crawling space, which allows up to 4 children to enjoy the crawling space with proper supervision. The net is secured to the frame using nylon lashing ties.

The Crawl Climber provides an extremely durable and challenging apparatus and can be easily moved by 2 adults. The soft 4″ mesh allows children to traverse at their own pace and rest at any point in time. Traversing across a movable surface, such as the 4″ mesh, allows children to develop core strength and balance. The CC-48 is only intended for children to traverse across on top of the net. Do not allow children under the net and net surface. Do not allow children to walk on the net or net surface. Do not allow any jumping on or off the net or net surface. Always protect the children with proper mats, supervision and spotting.

The CC-48 comes standard with (4) 12″ legs to make a flat traverse net. For more advanced children, an optional leg kit consisting of (2) 6″ legs and (2) 18″ legs is available to add a slight angle to the traverse net.

Indoor nets are supplied with general installation instructions, care and use documentation. Any and all climbing activities require proper mats, spotting and supervision when using. Specific soft landing surfaces and supervision required and possible belaying for climbing heights over 8 feet. Mats are probably the single most important ingredient to any activity using equipment to prevent serious injuries when accidents may occur. Having several thick landing mats placed around nets will make instruction much easier and more innovative. These mats are versatile and can be used in many capacities.
Sizes are for pricing purposes only and all nets are custom made and non returnable. Custom sizes available.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 110 × 10 × 10 in

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