Outdoor Cargo Climbing Nets | Premium Poly Dacron Rope



Mesh Size
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12in 9in
Net Rope Diameter
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5/8in 3/4in 1in
Net Border Style
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Loops on Top Loops on Top Loops on Top & Bottom Loops on Top & Bottom Border All 4 Sides Rope Border All Sides
Net Size
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4' W x 6' H 4' W x 8' H 8' W x 8' H 10' W x 10' H 10' W x 12' H 10' W x 16' H 10' W x 20' H
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Our quality handcrafted climbing nets are fabricated from your choice of 5/8″, 3/4” or 1” diameter 3-strand twisted premium poly Dacron rope choosen for its excellent UV resistance with great grip and very easy on the hands. Our AR-series is manufactured using Multiline II, the very best poly Dacron rope in the industry.

  • Best of the best, most popular choice for military obstacle course systems
  • Premium 3-strand twisted spun polyester (poly Dacron) rope
  • Superior performance and exceptional service life
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Great grip and easy on the hands
  • Rope color is white with an orange tracer
3 Rope Diameter Options:
  • 5/8 in | recommended for children only
  • 3/4 in | most popular for all ages, abilities and applications
  •   1 in  | very rugged, most popular with military obstacle course systems
3 Border Style Options:
2 Mesh Size Options:

Net Mesh Options

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About Jammar’s Climbing Nets:

Jammar can fabricate a cargo net to fit any structurally safe play structure or specially designed framework. For best results measure inside dimensions of framework width and height and deduct 1 foot from each dimension. This leaves 6” on each side for attachment and to keep net off ground. Sizes are approximate and may stretch when weight is applied. When ordering specify net type, mesh size, rope diameter, border option, and size. Climbing nets are easy to install and are long lasting when attached with smooth, nonabrasive hardware and properly installed and maintained.

All nets comply with National Playground Safety Standards for mesh size and locking mesh junctions. Special consideration must be given to safe heights, safe use and the management of a soft surface under climbing equipment. Do not jump or drop off any net. Safe play area required. Suggested installation and use instructions sent with each order.

Sizes are approximate and custom-made nets are nonreturnable. Wide variety of styles and shapes available.

Dealer Applications available

Additional information

Weight N/A
Net Rope Diameter

5/8in, 3/4in, 1in

Net Size

4' W x 6' H, 4' W x 8' H, 8' W x 8' H, 10' W x 10' H, 10' W x 12' H, 10' W x 16' H, 10' W x 20' H

Nets Mesh Size

12in, 9in

Nets Border Style

Loops on Top, Loops on Top & Bottom, Border All 4 Sides

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