Tube Nets | TB-Series

  • 3/4″ diameter 3-strand twisted poly Dacron rope
  • Specially fabricated to form a tubular style net
  • 9″ or 12″ non-slip interlocking mesh design
  • Custom nets and finishing can be accommodated
  • Tube nets are all custom made and non-returnable

Product Description

Jammar can fabricate a climbing net and join the sides to form a tubular net.  We offer these in 9″ & 12″ mesh using 3/4″ diameter 3-strand twisted poly Dacron rope and implement a non-slip interlocking mesh design.  We price our tube nets by multiplying the circumference of the net by the length (or height) of the net.  Circumference can be determined by multiplying the desired diameter by π (C = D x π).  For example, 3′ diameter tube net is approximately 10′ in circumference.  4′ diameter is approximately 12′ in circumference.

We use our popular poly Dacron rope for its excellent UV, moisture and abrasion resistance although other rope materials and colors are available.  All tube nets are custom made and non-returnable.



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