1″ diameter Traditional Tug of War Ropes | R Series

Product Description

We offer 3 different 3-strand twisted rope materials in various lengths. Choose what best fits your program. Each rope has a firmly woven 5 foot circumference “anchor man end loops.”

  • Natural Manila – The finest pure grade A manila exceeds government specs for quality and surface smoothness.
  • Poly Dacron – Softer feel and superior strength. Stands up best against UV, moisture and abrasion. Available in white, black or tan)
  • Polypropylene – Light weight and not affected by moisture. Tan color to simulate the look of natural manila. Also available in black & blue.
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No. Size Rope
R-25 25′ Manila
R-50 50′ Manila
R-75 75′ Manila
R-100 100′ Manila
RP-25 25′ Polypropylene
RP-50 50′ Polypropylene
RP-75 75′ Polypropylene
RP-100 100′ Polypropylene
RD-25 25′ Poly Dacron
RD-50 50′ Poly Dacron
RD-75 75′ Poly Dacron
RD-100 100′ Poly Dacron


Rope Tensile Strength (Breaking)
Dia. Cir. Manila Polypropylene Poly Dacron
3/4″ 2.25″ 4800 8500 8400
1″ 3″ 8100 18228 17916
1.5″ 4.5″ 16650 33840 38420
2″ 6″ 30000 62824 65492

Note: Safe Working Load is 20% of tensile strength of any rope in good condition. Avoid getting manila wet and inspect for mildew/dry rot if used outdoors before each use.



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