Safety Cable Attachment | SCA-1

Product Description

Safety Cable Attachment | SCA-1

Safety Cable Attachment | SCA-1

The SCA-1 Safety Cable Attachment is a safety feature for all climbing ropes that shall prevent the climbing rope from falling from the ceiling in the event of any failure of the attachment hardware and/or fittings. Jammar recommends the SCA-1 for all climbing ropes and can be installed on new or existing climbing ropes.

The SCA-1 is specifically fabricated to fit 1-1/2” diameter climbing ropes and is supplied with the brackets, hardware, 6′ of 1/8” aircraft cable, and 6 cable clamps. Custom sizes are also available for smaller or larger diameter climbing ropes. The SCA-1 can be easily installed by passing over or through the building structure and separate from the rope attachment hardware. For rigid frames or glu-lam beam applications, additional cable or hardware may be required.

The SCA-1 is specifically designed as a redundant safety feature and is NOT INTENDED for use as the primary suspension method. If a failure occurs and the SCA-1 is called into action, immediately stop and lock out all activities on the climbing rope until the climbing rope is repaired or replaced.


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