Rope Loop Top Climbing Ropes | CF Series (Indoor/Outdoor)

  • Premium 3-strand twisted natural manila & spun polyester blend (poly Dacron) rope
  • 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ & 2″ diameter available
  • Rope loop/eye top, spliced
  • Poly boot or braided back bottom to deter from unraveling
  • Beginner knot option
  • Easy installation

Product Description

Our gym & obstacle course style indoor/outdoor climbing ropes are fabricated using quality 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ and 2″ diameter 3-strand twisted manila and poly Dacron rope. Our poly Dacron is chosen for its excellent moisture and UV resistance. One of the best gripping synthetic ropes and holds up well to abrasion. Each top has rope eye spliced and each bottom has a poly boot cover or braided back bottom to deter unraveling.

Decide which rope:

Step 1: Choose between our rope options (see pictures);
  • Natural Manila – traditional, superior quality, pure “Grade A” manila rope. Best manila in the industry. This natural fiber rope absorbs perspiration for the best grip and is extremely durable, very little splinters.
  • Poly Dacron – these ropes introduce an extremely soft rope material as well as having excellent moisture and UV resistance characteristics. Has an extremely strong and lightweight polypro core with a soft and durable polyester outside jacket layer similar to the feel of cotton. Available in white, black or tan.
Step 2: Choose diameter;
  • 1″ diameter – only use as an assist up an angled wall.
  • 1.25″ diameter – popular with elementary & grade school children or as rope assist on an angled wall.
  • 1.5″ diameter – most popular amongst all ages, from high schools to military training.
  • 2″ diameter – larger size proves for a much harder climbing challenge.
Step 3: Choose the length;
  • most ropes are ordered by measuring from the floor to the overhead beam and deducting one foot – allowing for attachment hardware or material used to loop itself back. This usually leaves the rope on or just above floor surface when installed.
  • we can custom cut any rope you need.
Step 4: Choose between our 2 finished bottom options (see pictures);
  • (2) – whipped end with a durable poly boot cover
  • (4) – braided back bottom
Step 5: Choose between our knot options/climbing assists (see pictures);
  • No Knots – traditional rope with no knots. Tougher and more challenging.
  • Beginner Knots (BK) – large knots tied into the rope itself that form platforms every 18″.
[table] Size,Boot Bottom (2),Braided Bottom (4),Beginner Knots,






** Remember to always use appropriate mats or material under and around all climbing equipment. All sporting and PE activities carry the risk of injury to the participants. Improperly maintained equipment and inadequately supervised programs are significant contributing factors. All equipment must be thoroughly inspected and maintained to reduce the risk to the users.

For further information regarding Jammar equipment and products please contact your dealer or call us at
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