Alpine Climber | AC-48

Product Description

The Alpine Climber (AC-48) is a heavy duty indoor / outdoor A-frame and net for kindergarten aged children and adaptive PE applications. The frame is constructed of 1″ galvanized pipe with forged steel fittings and is quick and easy to set up. Frame includes rubber feet for floor protection. The net is handcrafted into a 4″ square mesh using a 1/2″ white soft poly Dacron rope. The net provides a 45″ H x 48″ W x 7′ L climbing area when fully assembled on the A-frame. The net is secured to the top and sides of the frame using nylon lashinAlpine Climber | AC-48g ties.

The AC-48 provides an extremely durable and challenging apparatus and can be easily moved by 2 adults. The AC-48 is designed to add and stimulate new challenges to help develop motor skills for kindergarten aged children and adaptive PE applications. The soft 4″ mesh allows children to slowly climb up and down the A-frame and allows ample support to rest against at any point in time.

Do not allow any jumping on or off the net or net surface. To properly dismount, the children must climb all the way down to the floor. Always protect the children with proper mats, supervision and spotting. Alpine Climber | AC-48

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Remember to always use appropriate mats or material under and around all climbing equipment. All sporting and PE activities carry the risk of injury to the participants. Improperly maintained equipment and inadequately supervised programs are significant contributing factors. All equipment must be thoroughly inspected and maintained to reduce the risk to the users.

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