Location of climbing ropes

Climbing ropes must be hung from structurally safe framework which will exceed any load placed on the rope.  Most beam and ceiling framework in institutional buildings will meet this criteria, however, always confirm this with your building plans and/or building engineer.  You will want to raise your ropes up out of reach or path of others students or activities whenever ropes are not in use, so select an area accordingly.  Also, locate climbing ropes no further than the rope length away from the wall.  This allows a pulley installed high on the wall to pull rope up and over, thus out of the way.  Do not locate ropes too close to wall where objects on wall could interfere or injure a climber by impairing proper spotting and supervision.  You will need mats around climbing area and a thick landing mat directly under climbing rope for safety purposes.

Length of climbing ropes

Gymnastic Rules: state that climbing ropes without bottom knots should be long enough so that at least 42″ of rope is on the floor.  Measure distance from floor to overhead girder and add 3.5′.*

Regular Gymnasium: climbing ropes should be distance between the floor and the bottom of the overhead girder minus 1′.*

*special considerations for beam clamps are not included in these measurements.